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Let's Get Ready for Tax Season!!!

Tax Season is approaching, and we are ready to serve you!

Here are some reminders to help with a seamless tax season:

1. In January you will begin receiving all of your important tax documents. This will include W2s, 1099s, 1098s, etc. Please put all these documents in one designated space. Or begin uploading it to your portal as you receive them.

2. Self-Employed taxpayers should begin gathering all end of year documentation for business. December Bank Statements, PNL, Mileage log reports, summary of expenses, rental property detailed statements, etc.

3. This year you must itemize to take advantage of charitable contributions on your tax return. If you are itemizing and claiming charitable contributions, please have any documentation to support this deduction available.

4. If you are in a situation where you don't think you paid the right amount in taxes and that you will owe a significant balance to the IRS, please contact us right away about tax planning services. We can look at your situation and determine what can be done to reduce your tax liability.

5. We appreciate and reward referrals. If you know someone who could use our tax services refer them to your Purity Tax Pro. They will receive quality care and assistance and you will receive a reward bonus!

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